Button Nuts--Read This!

Does anyone have a picture of someone completely covered in buttons? I looked through a bunch of the galleries and couldn’t find any. I would appreciate it for a presentation that I’m putting together!

my buddy pin man.
Haha I saw him at the NJ Regional, and this is one pic I knew I could find of him.
I hope it’s good enough for ya! =)

Hi Beth

I have a blue smock I wear at the regionals and championship. It starts out blank and I try to get every button available to fill it (front and back). Sometimes it’s hard to sit down without impaling my back side :yikes:
If you would like, I could send you a pic of me wearing it.

Wayne Doenges
Soon to be a rookie again

Will from 168 in 2001.

Thanks guys, I got the picture I needed. I really appreciate it!