Button teaser!

So, tonight a vote was taken by the usual crew, you know, my minions, my partners in crime, and what not, and the final decision was made as to what would be team 116’s special button this year. Now, it’s too early to show you the winner, you’ll have to wait until competition time for that (if you are lucky enough to be going to the same competition as us). But until then, I can show you the rejects:

option 1

option 4

Option 2 won, but someone mentioned other plans for option 3, so it cannot be posted at this time.


<<<completely innocent, kinda

Haha those two are great! I look forward to seeing what’s in store in Atlanta!

It was once said that pimpin’ ain’t easy. I’m guessing that making a NASA executive look like he’s pimpin’ ain’t easy, either.

I can’t wait to see what you cook up!

(hmm…wonder if I can bum my way to Peachtree for Friday and Saturday…)

can the caption be “Maybe he’s born with it, Maybe it’s Maybelline” lol