Button up drive shirt

Hello! My team is thinking of having our drive team wear button up shirts on field, but a mentor is concerned about safety. Are we allowed to go on field wearing a button up if it’s all the way buttoned and the sleeves are rolled up?

Anne Johnson and 3618

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I don’t even think long sleeves are an issue as long as they are not billowing. You should be fine.

They have many other rules regulating safe behavior and field navigation that result in yellow cards anyway. Those are the only times it would be a conceivable problem.

I don’t see how this is even remotely unsafe. Teams do this all the time. Properly worn clothing that isn’t hanging loose in a way where it can get snagged on stuff is completely fine.

Wait, so do you guys call them button up shirts? I’ve always called them button downs.

Our drive team wears shirts and ties on the field every year. The shirts have never been a problem. They do make us tuck the ties in though.

Okay! That’s what we were thinking, but we had to reassure our mentors. Thanks!

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Yeah we all figured. It doesn’t hurt to check, we figured, especially since our team is chipping in. Don’t want to buy them and be unable to wear them.

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Formal wear is still nice to have for Sponsor presentations, outreach events, Chairman’s, etc.

But there should be no opposition fieldside to wearing a dress shirt.

Not to derail the thread but button ups and button downs are different things. https://nancywangapparel.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/screenshot-2015-09-03-17-25-44.png

Best choice for ties near the robot would be a clip-on or bow. Extra credit if you tie the bow tie yourself.

What about a costume? I didn’t see anything in the rules/ anything posted about there being no costume! Any thoughts on that?

As long as it’s not a loose fitting costume/hanging elements and does not restrict vision, go nuts.