Buttons for Drivers

When reading the rulebook, I found out that the two drivers and the coach have to be wearing a button for identification. Are we provided these buttons, or do we have to make our own? Thanks.

They are provided to your team at check-in.

Or sometimes, after you pass inspection.

And here’s something very, very important: The one that is not like the other three (usually has a colored dot on it) is the Coach button.

Do NOT let that person do anything that the Coach is not allowed to do! (Handle Boulders or drive the robot come to mind.)

There is also usually a Safety Captain button–that is NOT drive team, and will NOT give field access.

^^^what they said.

Buttons are usually provided in your check in package or after inspection depending on the event.

Tip: Leave these in you pit somehwere safe! Many drivers will accidently take these home and forget them the next day.

Agreed. We always made sure that the driveteam took them off and left them in a safe spot of our toolbox whenever they left the venue back when I was in high school.

You have to forge them out of Valyrian steel.

^ lol, This guy knows what’s up!

Really good idea to collect them at the end of the day and leave in a safe place in the pit…as stated above.

At some point if you don’t do this… someone is going to have to go back to their hotel room or all the way home to pick it up or you can’t have a full drive team on the field.

they will have your team number on them…

good luck !!