Buttons, My Button Collection + Website!

Hey everyone, last year, if you went to GLR or GTR you may have seen me walking around the pits, getting to know other teams better, seeing different designs and such. Then i met Steve Warren, and his lab coat filled with buttons, and it inspired me to start my own collection.

So at Atlanta… i collected over 120 buttons! I just made a Cape and pinned all the buttons to it rather then around my neck on lanyards. Before i made the cape, i made photos of them all using my flatbed scanner, and i just created a website: www.cricketsnorth.com/robotics/ to showcase all the teams that i did have.

If I don’t have your team’s button / want to submit a new one, find me at Great Lakes Regional, or Waterloo Regional & possibly nats again, and button me

tell me what you think :slight_smile:
p.s. if you have a negative comment comming about the use of the Canada flag, keep in mind; I am a VERY proud Canadian, and If im traveling around the world “I can proudly sew my country’s flag on my backpack.” so essentially thats what im doing.
Team 1596

Thats awesome! You have 1023’s button and weepul (the yellow blob thing)! Im impressed!

oh thats nothing last year from St louis and nationals i collected over 230 buttons and wore them to school the day i got back from nationals they were all on my sweatshirt and whenever i moved clink clink clink i got some weird looks

Hmm… I’m considering sending some 1341 coconut shells to people this year…

How exactly would you affix those to the cape?

Last year, my rookie year, I collected so many buttons that other teams and my team saw me as that button guy. People would find me and give me buttons that I didn’t have just so I’d add another to my collection. I believe after everything I now have five shoeboxes full of buttons all one of a kind? Day before New York Regional I wore them all on a t shirt. I made a lot of noise, and got a lot of attention. It was hilarious.

i attached them as you would to clothing… but ill tell you a secret trick… use a hot glue gun to put a dab of glue where the pin connects… . so they cant slip out and poke you / loose one… . i needed that because i shorted by team number, and it would mess it all up with a random button filling in hoes…

oh… and my cape definately makes a lot of noise too… . . team members got mad at me because i wore it for a whole meeting to test the fit and comfort of it… hehe

haha! nicely done Kevin :smiley: looks pretty good

Words cannot describe…how truely awesome that is.

As they say, to get a button is human, to get enough buttons to make a suit of armour and cape is devine.

I was actually referring to the coconut shells, as there is no pin on them.

4 years of FRC and I have accumulated an unimaginable amount of buttons. Most of which rusted and made too much of a mess so, sadly, I had to get rid of them.

Ok, so now I’ve started to collect buttons too! I decied to cover one leg of my funky jeans with them, but so far I only have three, and I was wondering how you guys got so many. Do you just ask people for them? Or, if any of you are at the NJ Regionals today or tomorrow, would you help me start collecting them? :smiley:

All you should have to do is stop by people’s pits and talk with them for 5 seconds and they should be like “hey want a button”. Or at least that’s what we do.
I was never really interested all that much in buttons. Most likely because of the pain they inflict when they rip into your skin as you pick up the robot off the playing field… But I digress. Some teams have some great buttons. We usually do a button game where you have to collect all of our buttons to spell something out, But because of funding we wont be able to do prizes this year but that isn’t stopping us from doing the game. The only difference is this year instead of selling something, the buttons are built off the Fusion Friends: Senior Safety, Gear Girl, Drill Dude, and Mrs. Mechanic (A.K.A. Mrs. Mechanist). Plus they have their Arch nemesis (not on a button) the Velcro Vixen, Luther Lexan, and Princess Plexiglas. Should be for some interesting times with people running around from our team in super hero fashion… I can see it now… Maybe I should go stop it before any one gets hurt.

Thanks for all the positive feedback guys/girls

Our team gave out these robot/pit safety and inspection checklists, with our sponsers and a marker to EVERY team at nationals, and i delivered about a third of them, so i had to talk to aprox 100 teams already… most just gave them to me seeing how many i was already collecting… for ones that dont openly, just ask (politely, remember GP :wink: , also its best to give something to their team member first (like a trade)

edit: http://instigators1596.com/safety.html << we acually posted those lists here for anyone wanting one :slight_smile: .html, .doc and .pdf formats available.

Your providing a cool service… keep it up! Pass the torch to younger members of your team!

EXTRA! EXTRA! We just started making buttons for the 2006 Season tonight! We have a large variety of styles, and in large and standard size.

For a sneak peak… i posted the 2 that i designed in my button gallery on page 1, www.cricketsnorth.com/robotics/

wow…that’s soo cool! yay, you got my team – lucky page#13. woo…1219!

oh yeah, at the Nats I remember getting the robot/pit safety kit from you guys. one of the teachers in charge on our team really loved it as well…she thought it was a cool idea!

yeah, awesome job with the buttons! drop by 1219’s pit again and we’ll give you another one…more than that if you like! we’re going to be at Waterloo + GTR this year. AND…if all goes well, the Nats. knock wood

I just updated my webpage… . unfortunately team 1596 did not make it to nationals this year so i wont get any ones from there, but i have a plentora of buttons from GLR and Waterloo on my gallery now. As well i posted pictures from GLR and Waterloo in my misc album, and more to come so check back soon!

and yes team 1219 i got another of your button… because you were an awsome alliance captain

Lol nice.

I’ll be sporting the 912+1596+1219 buttons on my left arm for the entire GTR event for sure ;). You guys were awesome, alliance and its a shame we won’t get another chance to play together in GTR. Good luck next year however =).

Yeah…it really is a shame we won’t see you guys at GTR – we were really looking forward to it. An awesome team is only really awesome because of the entire alliance – we’re grateful that you guys were our alliance partners – we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we had without you all.

I agree – we all wore our 1219 shirts and bandanas today at school [after coming off of Waterloo as successfully as we did, how could we NOT show our team spirit at school???] and had the Seeded 2 Alliance Team buttons [1596+912+1219] – and we’ll definitely have em at GTR as well.

Again, it was awesome working with you, 1596, as well as 912 – if you guys were coming to GTR, we would definitely attempt to make the same alliance again – if luck had been on our side [rather than not] on Saturday – I’m pretty sure we could have won the regional, we all definitely [together] had what it took to do so.

Dude, that is so extremely awesome!!! I would so do something similar however, I have a tendency to wear closes that don’t like buttons at all. Or it could be the fact that I make weird movements when trying to work on the robot and they fall off. And, my Captain Obvious hat just isn’t enough space. Doesn’t the cape get hot, though?