Buttons on Dashboard (please help)

Hello, I am a first year programmer for our robotics team (demons858) and I’m trying to make a custom dashboard. Really all I want to do with it is make it so we can chose what Autonomous mode we use without flashing the robot. Is there a way I can reference a Boleyn sequence with a button on the dashboard from another VI?

The robot can’t read the Dashboard directly, but the Dashboard can send data to the robot. You’ll have to open a UDP (or TCP) socket on the robot, and send to that socket from the Dashboard program.

It might be easier to use the Cypress PsoC I/O that the Driver Station and WPIlib routines already support. You don’t have to have a physical switch; the I/O tab on the Driver Station gives you access to an array of emulated on/off switches and analog values.

If you do not have the cypress board working, you can always use the DIP switches that are under the IO tab on the driver station. Failing that, the throttle controls on each of the Attack 3 Joysticks make good autonomous selectors.

So what I tell teams who’ve asked me this question is that if you use the DIO buttons on the Drivers station, they can be read in your code using “WPI_Driver StationGet Digital Input.vi.”

If you take the array out of, cast it to a number using a “Boolean Array to Numeric” method, and you then run that number into a case structure. After that, its Binary math on the 8 bit number you’d end up with (010). If you use just two switches, 00 could be Option 1, 01 could be option 2, 10 could be option 3, and 11 could be option 4 …