How many teams have to make their buttons and if you do how many have you made?

We made our buttons, and I have no idea how many they are on…alot though lol. See you all on Thursday in Evanston!!!

We made all of our buttons for NYC FIRST this past weekend, actually one or two people did the majority. About 500 total. That is going to change. More people are being recruited to learn how to use the button machine and we’ll be making a heck of a lot more for UTC New England and now The Nationals in Epcot.

I think last year at nationals, we made countless numbers of them. Thursday night at nationals we stayed in to like 3 in our room making soooo many of them.

Team 122 makes their own buttons. We ran out of ours on Thursay at Philly, so we obviously didn’t make enough :slight_smile: At nats I think our teacher said we were gonna make 1000 or so.


You will need many, many, many more buttons then 1000 for Reginals. There will be many people trying to get buttons from every team, so make sure you make enough.

We make our own buttons :rolleyes: we try to make about 1000-1500 for each competition and then whats ever left over from regionals we bring to nationals. My guess is we bring about close to 2000 to nationals and hardly ever return home with anymore then 100 buttons or so…


we make our own…well…the freshies mostly make ours…lol…we’ve made about 3000 so far and are making at least 100 more…

we made about 250 today, and are going to make alot more tomorrow. we’ll need to buy more stuff tho, we still need to make more buttons for nationals…

MOE is making pins this year -even though the hologram-stickers last year were pretty cool-
They have our logo in our typical lime-green and black. We printed-out sheets of plastic coated paper. Which we get to cut-up and stick pin latches on.

We were lucky to not run out at either of the regionals, but we were making them like crazy between. I don’t know the numbers, but it’s a lot of pins. And earplugs! we’re giving them out this year too.


Buttons…yeah right…not that i have anything against buttons, its just our team refuses to make them…although IMHO it would be easier to make them then our keychains. This year we have these wooden nickel things that we are glueing pinbacks onto…i havent seen them yet, so im not sure if they are gonna turn out ok or not. Who knows. Anyway, at nats we are gonna give out squirt guns again…theyre great for sneak attacks on unsuspecting engineers:D