Buy a car get two Segways

Buy a car get two Segways
scroll through the pictures to see Segways.

Buy a car get two Segways

Very cool looking. Shame the car seems alittle too far out there to get made though.

I think the headlights and windshield will go away but I think the rest is likely. I don’t understand why GM isn’t using wheel motors.

Ridiculous features: Two Segways stowed under the cargo floor

Ridiculous, I think not. The Segway is one of those things you could only dream of existing when you were older. It’s an extremely high tech form of transportation, it’s just that not many people use them.

When you look at it head on, the car looks mad at you…

This car is a looker. It caught my eyes at the Detroit International Auto Show and the first thing we noticed was the segways. It is a nice car, props to the engineers that worked on this project. I am sure it would sell if it were on the market.:slight_smile: