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Hi everyone, could you recommend us another option to buy 2022 season’s game piece to practice (Besides andymark), on shops like Amazon, or another where you’ve finded similiar game piece.

Re-read Section 5.7. They are custom. Off-the-shelf replacements may not perform the same as the official ones from AndyMark.


I’m assuming you mean 2022 not 2020? And yeah Gary is right, AndyMark is your best bet.

For clarity, are you looking for the 2020 game piece (“power cells” foam balls) or the 2022 game piece (“cargo” oversized tennis balls)?

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I’m sorry, i have edited the topic, but yeah, I asked about 2022 game pieces


is similar to the game piece. But it is not the same. It might be acceptable for you to develop your robot.


Andy Mark had them in stock at last check.


Yes, I ordered two pair today from AndyMark. I know the value of getting the right game pieces.


Based on historic evidence…

Current Situation:


plz plz plz buy more game pieces we have 27840 in stock still we literally use them as bubble wrap.


Yeah but also a full field is 22 not hundreds


It appears they currently have 1853 red and 1751 blue as that’s the most I could put in my cart

Walmart sells these giant tennis balls which are the correct diameter but they are more expensive than the official game pieces:

I think the pictures of the Huskies with the giant tennis balls are photoshopped

Just got two sets of the yellow & orange balls.

Orange is 315.1g, ~9.25" diameter
Yellow is 319.2g, ~9.25" diameter

KoP Red is 264g
KoP Blue is 282g

Quality… poor compared to KoP balls. Lots of creases in felt. Should work OK for low precision shooting and handling.

Sure, but how much does the puppy weigh?


Can confirm, works great for intake practice. Don’t wanna pop one of our balls while we wait for our officials…

Just wanted to share this from Andymark about the cargo. Worth a watch.

Wait what not in stock? When I ordered on Saturday as well as now it said in stock.

That’s what it sounds like to me. Just saying.

The website says in stock but when you select a color it says ships in 1 to 2 weeks. It’s said that from kickoff