Buy limelight vs using Jetson tk1


Our team is starting to get ready for the upcoming season and we are trying to figure out which way we want to apply vision.

We have in our shop a Nvidia Jetson Tk1, last year I had a hard time working with it, I didn’t manage very well with the Linux and couldn’t find good examples and tutorials online for using the tk1 in frc.
The only way I got it to work is by compiling the vision code natively on the Jetson and send values via networktables to the roborio.
It was working fine, but in order to change the code on the Jetson I had to plug in into a screen and the overall working with it was very uncomfortable.

I understand that the new limelight is excellent for vision, but I have a dilemma, should i pay around 400-500 dollars for it when I already have the Jetson tk1 (who I understand is already considered an old version of the Jetson).
I think I can convince my team to buy the limelight, but it would hurt our budget.

Is the limelight worth buying when you have the Jetson tk1?


From what you have said and what I know, the limelight is worth it for you. If you want to use the TK1 for experiments with OpenCV then feel free to get in touch: but I’d get the limelight for build season based on what you have said.


+1 on the Limelight.

Keep that Jetson TK1 for some off season tinkering. We have a TK1 that has never seen a power cord and other vision solutions we have used. After last year I don’t believe we will likely ever use any of them. If for some reason I have a student that wants to get into super custom vision pipelines I’m going to first try GRIP on a co-prossor like a Raspberry Pi or mini PC.


From what I’ve heard, the limelight is a great option if you don’t have a lot of experience with image processing or would rather spend your programming time on other things.

If you want help with vision processing or co-processors, we have used a raspberry pi successfully for the past few years. I also think over the summer our programmers have been playing around with a Jetson we got from FIRST Choice. I’m sure our programmers would be happy to help if you reach out to them.


Limelight! It works too well.


Buy the limelight. You will never look back,


Thanks everyone, I am pretty sure I’m gonna buy the limelight now.


Piggybacking on this question, how do people feel about JeVois vs Limelight?


That is a strong question!

Both are incrediby capable. Both have their pros and cons. A simple search of CD will detail these for you.

In a nutshell, Limelight is easy, but expensive. JeVois is inexpensive, but requires some learning to use.


Adding onto this, the Limelight is more powerful (runs at a higher FPS) and comes with the integrated LED ring lights.
It also has an Ethernet port- the Jevois requires you to use some kind of serial protocol or USB.


Does anyone know the availability of the Limelight? It has been in Coming Soon status for the last six months.


Here’s what we were able to do in the offseason with the limelight. We didn’t try another vision system.

I wanted the students to spend time developing PID control. In industry, or at least when I was in manufacturing, you aren’t going to develop your own vision system, you are going to buy an off the shelf vision system, program it with their software, and on to the next thing. The students learned Java and wrote their own 2 axis PID control. Shout out to many other teams for posting code for them to read and learn from (specifically 254).