buy motors

could somebody please thee me where i can buy

Chipuwa motors
Van door motors
Nipon denso motors
and jideco motors

we are building 2 bots this year and we need more motors

The Chiaphua motors can be purchased from
The Nippon-Denso motors come from (I think) a 1991-1994 Ford Taurus. I know they are from a taurus sometime around that range, but I may be a little off on my years.
For the other motors you will probably need to trade with another team.

We can probably get you Nippon Denso or Jideco or previous year (2001-2003) Van Door in exchange for Fisher Price. E-mail me if you are interested. Also, try the CD Swap system.

If you need some Nippon Denso Motors, you can pull them out of a 1994 Ford Aerostar. The window regulators (there are two) are also very handy actuating an arm. Check out the regulators on our arm

You might want to check out CD-Swap. You may be able to find what you need without having to pay much at all…

i need to get some servo motors (not plastic) cheap
any ideas?

By servo motor do you mean a hobby-RC style servo, or one of the more industrial servo motors that is a regular DC motor with a high-resolution encoder on the output shaft?

I’m not too sure if there even are hobby RC servos that aren’t plastic.

Does anyone know where i can get the servos given to us in the kits? (the rc style ones)

If they are RC style, try your local hobby/RC type store. If they don’t have any, and can’t find/order any, try asking FIRST where they get theirs.

I believe this is the one

It is also offered with a slightly different plug

If anyone is looking for servos with metal gears, search towerhobbies for servo mg

Thanks a lot, i just bought 17 of them. Luckily they had all of them in stock.