buying a spare camera

does anyone have a source for a spare camera, or does any know if first has a replacment, i dont’ think the 206 is made any more

wendy holladay
team 1912

Axis says the replacement is a AXIS M1011 if that helps.

Also if you have a contact at Honeywell Security I know that they use them, and they may be able to get you a few.

Thats the site that our team is buying a spare camera from. The 206 is not made any more but the 207 is a close match. The P-N is 0235-004. Its about 75-100 dollars more then the 206. Its cost is $275. I hope this helps

Using Google shopping we were able to find several locations that still had several cameras left at a reasonable price. Do some searching and you can still find the Axis 206 for sale.

thanks for the help but what will first allow?? i don’t want to buy the 207 or the M1011 without frc giving the go ahead, i posted to their forums, haven’t heard yet. has anyone seen what is legal as a replacement?

There is information pertinent to this discussion at

will the FRC dashboard software work with the axis 207 or axis m1101??
wendy holladay

The Axis cameras internally use an API that works across their product line. Being the lowest price they sell, anything that worked on the 206 pretty much worked on other cameras such as the 207. At least in theory, and we have never had a 207 to test on.

The 1011 has passed initial tests, but we haven’t done thorough ones yet.

Greg McKaskle

thank you so the very helpful post, i will buy the m1101, are you continuing to test during the build season? please keep teams updating, i can see from the other posts, i’m not alone in my camera replacement search.

wendy holladay

Thank you Greg, we have ordered a backup camera (M1011). Please keep us updated if you find any problems or software changes for the new camera.