Buying Aluminum Stock

Hello everybody,
I’m a member of the rookie team Hyde Phoenix Robotix team out of Bath, ME. We’re getting ready to order our aluminum Stock, but I’m not sure if the different kinds of aluminum will be good for the Chassis.
Options are: 6063 1x2 1/16 thick
6063 1x2 1/8 thick
6061 1x2 .090 stock from Vexpro
We’d like to be most economical but we’re not sure if the 6063 1/16 are strong enough.

I would avoid 6063 for anything structural, especially in 1/16 thickness. It is 1/2-2/3 the strength of identical 6061 (tensile vs ultimate yield). 6061 is widely available from places like and Other popular aluminum alloys are 2024 and 7075, but they can tend to cost more.

Seeing as you’re from Bath, the first thing I’d do is call up BIW and see if they have any scrap they’d be willing to donate to you.

Keep in mind you cannot weld either alloy.

Cost Aluminum has 1"x2"x1/16" 6061 @ $35.00 (20’)
1"x2"x1/8" 6061 @ (65.00) (20’)
prices are aprox. call for quote
877-977-6016 :slight_smile:

6061 is the standard structural aluminum with a 40KSI yield strength
6063 has a better surface finish but is only 27 KSI yield strength
7075 is the highest strength commonly available aluminum with a 73K yield strength.

On Line Metals sells small quantities of various shapes.