Buying Bearings in Bulk

Does any team know a good supplier to purchase bearings in bulk from?

My team needs to order around 50 R3 bearing, and I’m wondering if there’s a place that teams have experience with to get them for a lower price than vexpro.

We bought them from here for our offseason elevator. They were smooth rolling and were in good looking condition.

McMaster-carr is nice, but definitely more expensive than vex.

Thanks! I ran across that site earlier, but I wasn’t sure about their bearing quality and wanted to see if anyone else had ordered from there.

Looks like we’ll most likely be ordering from them.

192 does all of it’s bulk bearing buying from USA bearings and belts

Common Robotics bearings on this page

And your R3’s 50 for ~$31


Same. Been using them forever for team and personal projects.

aliexpress if you order well before the build season.