buying cylinders

Are we allowed to use other companies’ cylinders that have the same measures as the specified BIMBA or Parker cylinders?
Our local supplier has run out of BIMBA&Parker cylinders and won’t be getting any of them in a 2 week period.
we called BIMBA USA and were told that if we order now, the delivery will arrive in about one week and the shipping would cost more than the cylinder itself.
For the time being we will be using the cylinders we bought, but we will be happy to find out whether we have to order special cylinders from the US.

Thanks in advance,
Aviad,Team #1574

Correction per <R99> they must be the same part number as the Bimba or Parker-Hannifan part listed on the order sheet. I must have missed that the first time through. Sorry.

I would suggest trying to trade for parts or fitting another cylinder in place and swapping it out at the Thursday of a regional if the time issue is too severe.