Buying from Altatac?

Has anyone here bought from Altatac? I just ordered a Leatherman Micra from Altatac on the Sears Marketplace(I ordered from them because I had a gift card). I then Googled the company, and they appear to specialize in selling camping/outdoor gear and some refurbished electronics. However, I found some reviews that were moderately concerning. According to them, Altatac is selling “refurbished” items that differ from their website descriptions(:yikes:), are non-functional(:ahh:), and/or stolen(:eek:). The reviews also said their customer service isn’t the best, but those reviewers seem to have purchased electronics. I thought that since what I ordered is new, not electronic, and costs < $25, it should be okay, but I thought I’d see what the CD community thinks. I know there are illegitimate reviews sometimes, but refurbished electronics from an outdoors/camping store seems unusual to me… any insight would be appreciated.

I always take internet ratings with a grain of salt. Offended people are always more motivated to complain than satisfied people are to post positive comments. Also there are some “professional” complainers out there that use the complaint system to get what they want.

Bottom line if the price of something is substantially lower than market, there is always a reason.