Buying FTC KOP

Where can an FRC team buy the kit of parts for FTC (including the NXT module) without having to actually find a FTC team or registering to become a FTC Team?

FIRST Choice has a list of stuff you can get for free. Your team only has to pay for shipping.

If you can’t find what you are looking for try Marie

I would check with your local FTC director and with FTC at FIRST.
I doubt if you could purchase the same kit the FTC teams purchase. (Yes they PURCHASE their KOP)

Here is something that is almost identical and might be what you are looking for:

There are other options (without the lego set)

You could also get the metal only kit without the motors…or purchase specific parts like this one:

battery pack (legal for FRC)

motor (FRC legal I think)

etc on this site…

Unfortunately the big kits mentioned above are temporarily out of stock… the battery and motor are instock… so depending on just how much you need… you could get the bare minimum which would be a motor and battery and then work from there…

If you want to micro control this package you will need some other stuff. battery wiring harness and the speed controller and a lego NXT brick…

My suggestion is that you find a local FTC team to work with… if you have any

Good luck

Don’t always go by the fact that the website says “Temporarily out of stock”. I’ve seen PITSCO/Lego Ed ship items that were out of stock the same day that they were ordered. If you don’t trust the website, you can always call their number and order via phone.