Buying Motors, help please

Hey Everyone,
I’m a little hesistant to ask this now when everyone is so busy with building the robot, but aside from FIRST, I’m also working on my senior design project at Virginia Tech and I have been designing mostly for materials/motors i have a fair amount of experience with (ie stuff from previous years of FIRST)

I’ve read a few posts about teams buying spare motors for whatever reasons. Can anyone tell me how to go about this if this is true? Specifically I’m looking for extra globe motors. I talked to some people at Globe Motors Incorporated and they informed me that the Globe motors we receive in the kit each year are only available from FIRST. I could redesign for similar motors commercially available from Globe Motors inc. but I already have several of FIRST globe motors unused from previous years, and I am also on a very limited budget that the college provides. If anyone could tell me about buying extra motors from FIRST (if it is possible and if so how) I would greatly appreciate it.

I realize that some people may be concerned about FIRST motors going to non-FIRST purposes, but after my project is done and graded, it is being donated back to my robotics team, where it can either be put on display or cannibalized for spare parts. From the same aspect, if any teams reading this have spare FIRST globe motors gathering dust on a shelf from previous years, and feel like donating them to help further science and help an overly ambitious engineering student build a powered orthotic device, I would be extremely grateful.
Thanks everyone,