Buying New and Used Falcon 500s

Hello, I’m looking to purchase new and used Falcon 500 motors (any Falcon version is fine).

$220 per new motor
Dm to discuss the condition/price of a used motor

Have a bunch of Falcon 500s on an old robot that you don’t need anymore?

Please dm if you have anything you are willing to part ways with


Keep in mind that the latest version of Falcons has the same level of quality issues as before, if not worse. I’d recommend going for the V2 and doing the whole loctite operation.

I have 9 falcon v3 for sale 200$ each plus shipping

Also purchasing Pigeon V2

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Still purchasing more new and used falcon 500s


Also purchasing used full andymark frc fields and carpet

I don’t think anybody’s going to be giving up their full FRC field border if they’ve got one. Unless they’re losing the space for it permanently.

Carpet, on the other hand, you may not need to purchase. I’m not 100% sure if this applies to FiT, but at regionals if you want the carpet afterwards you notify the Regional Director (Program Delivery Partner) ahead of time and show up with a vehicle that can haul it during field takedown.


You can make many people very happy by showing up in a box truck with a lift gate :wink:
I think only two of the regionals I went to as a student had a loading dock?

Or you can do what we did once and get a bunch of people to lift it and tie it to the roof of a mentor’s car. Then smash their side-view mirror when you try to unload it by rolling it off. Not recommended, but technically an option.

Did anybody take you up on this sent you message thru CD Team 384 would be interested in purchasing!!!

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Yeah we already bought, and are still looking for more

Your best bet to not pay the ridiculous carpet prices would probably be to snag one after an event teardown. Generally they just dump the carpet so if you want it they’ll just hand it off. I would check with TRI staff beforehand to see if you could possibly claim it.


“loctite operation” ?

Pour a cup of your favorite beverage and get comfortable for a long read…

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