Buying New IR Boards

Does anyone know where we can buy new IR boards?

New IR boards are out of stock (according to the IFI web catalog). Sorry about that.

We just learned that the IR Boards are not only out of stock, but there are no plans to produce any more this year.

They say that you can re-program them, but our team does not have anyone who knows how to do that.

Our suggestion is that each regional have someone available to help teams who need help re-programming their IR Boards. Otherwise, it will be very unfair for those of us who were given defective boards and who have had no opportunity to buy new ones.

We hope that others who know how to re-program the boards will graciously extend their help to teams like ours.

FRC Team 1099, Brookfield, CT–competing at Boston Regional March 27-29

Hi “manyhats” - check out my post #14 in thread

I ran through how you can reprogram it with a simple harness and free software.

I completely agree with your suggestion that FIRST should set up a flashing station at each competition. I am considering bringing my setup to my team’s competitions to help out people if FIRST is unable to do it for people there.

Best of luck to you

we had trouble when the regulator on the IR board went out…we bought a new one at radioshack and had a couple team members desolder the current one and then solder on the new one…as for programming…thats the teams responsibility to learn how to program. I know our team is bringing some extra regulators to the regional to help out others. If you want…search username AndrewSTA and look at some of his IR stuff