Buying old control system parts

I’m planning to build a robot as a family project and wondering which controls we should be using? Where can I buy the 2014 controls for cheap? We wouldnt need any pnuematic controllers just the cRio and digital sidecars.
If anyone has any suggestions to this, let me know!

We have an 8 slot and a 4 slot in our storage area with a few cards. We used one for a tshirt cannon and a testing platform but bailed on it in favor of an R/C setup. The R/C has better range, no boot up time, is safer, and is far more reliable in a non competition environment. I know we have plans for at least one of them to run in a display setting in the front of our school. But, if you have your heart set on an old control system send me a PM and I’ll see if I can gather some parts.

C rios are expensive have you looked into an ardrino or other control system?

If you can not manage to get one from a team with all the parts you need: I got mine from eBay. You are possibly looking at $600-$1,000 dollars for the system.

Keep in mind you need quite a few parts not just the cRIO and modules. You need the module ‘bumpers’, the digital sidecar, the speed controls, power or the PDB and a WiFi AP.

If you do not mind the difference from FRC I also strongly agree the Arduino or an Intel Edison in the Arduino carrier board as a great alternative. Just keep in mind that reading encoders at high speed may be a bit tricky without some additional digital logic. There are IC for this or use a simple programmable logic chip to make it work.

Depends, what do you want to do with it?

I’m using simple RC controllers for robots and it’s actually kinda nice.

I’ve also got a Gorgon sitting around that I’m hoping to use in prototyping some stuff this Christmas.

The FRC control system is nice for what it is, but it’s not really cost effective. As far as PD systems, you REALLY don’t need the FRC PDB. Look at automotive breaker panels (that’s what FRC used years ago). Just don’t skimp out on having breakers.

We have some stuff. PM me and we can give you a good price.

Just for grins… Have you looked into AndyMark’s Cheap and Dirty system?

We will sell you one our old cRio systems complete for not much money. Send me a pm if you’re interested.

Edit: Sperkowsy gets dibs

I kept a number of the old VEX 75Mhz transmitters, crystal receivers and their 6 motor signal splitter. A hand full of PWM motors (or PWM controllers and motors) and I’m good to go.

I’ve also used the DFRobot Arduino/power base (Romeo). Use their Xbee controller and you are good to go

I know the OP wanted older, unloved FRC controls, but unless they are building something complicated, the cRio and support stuff is overkill.

Or if budget is a concern and you want the exact same thing

we’re thinking about selling a couple old IFI control systems on ebay…2007-2008 era.

We have a number of these left over, but since our programming mentor from that era left the team we have no idea what to do with them. Are there any resources still around to teach students how to program and use them? We would love to be able to use them to control robots, as we have multiple sets of IFI controllers and you can never have too many functional robots.

Check Kevin Watson’s robot pages from back then. He was the goto guru about programming the IFI controllers.

There were two general versions of the older IFI robot controllers. The 2003 and earlier versions used pBasic, while the 2004-2008 version used C for programming.

If you need help with resources you can post and several CD mentors can still help.