Buying parts for the Fisher-Price motors

We need to purchase three spools to link to the fisher-price motors. The piece is “FP Jeep Driver.” Would anybody know where that piece can be bought? We tried google-ing it, but nothing came up besides FIRST websites.

We dont want to resort to pulling them off of an old robot…

team 1257

About a third of the way down in the right column. Looks the same but no guarantees. Not too much lost if it is wrong.

Is that what you are looking for?

Any team who has been in FIRST for a number of years will have some.
Make friends now, and ask to buy/trade items.

We have a bunch that I can ask to send to you as long as we don’t need them - and I don’t think we do. Let me know.

For future reference,

We have ordered from KidsWheels. The items (FP Jeep Drivers) came on time and well packaged. There’s something strange with their shipping set-up, but all is well.

What’s easier is to use the part number that FIRST doesn’t provide: 74460 2249

A simple Google search will provide many suppliers for it. Also, if you’ve been trying to get a 1/2" shaft into it, you may have problems. Try metric 12mm, We have one here and it fits much better.