Buying Parts:HOW??

Hi, we want to buy a few parts to make a mock-up of the field rack, does anyone know how i can get to a website to order this. Also, if u know, what angle does the green light angle at and how far does it stick out? THANKS!
2181, Blaine, MN :yikes:

The drawings which should show how to mount the light boxes are here

and the materials are available at your local hardware/lumber/building material store.

You might need to make some minor changes to the design to be able to use what’s available at your local store, or maybe drive to a bigger city to find what you need.

In section 6.1 of the manual, it has links to the field specifications and how to make low-cost versions of the rack.

I looked over the drawings again, on the first sheet parts B and V are for the light mounting, the angle is 10 degrees, and the dimensions for mounting holes on part B should help you figure out how far it sticks out.