Buying RoboRio

We are looking at buying an extra RoboRio… Is Andymark the only place to buy them or is there other sources available online?

I love AM, but they don’t have any until next week and i really would like to get one asap as we are trying to solve some programming issues.

Thanks in advance,

AndyMark is the only place to get them for the “FRC team price”. The theoretical price for non-FRC teams is considerably higher.

Are there any nearby teams you could talk to about borrowing a RoboRio? Might be easier than trying to buy one.

Just found one this morning ! Thanks

I see you are in Ottawa? I have a good friend up there, when and where do you guys compete?

The price for non frc teams is around $2000.

We were at Greater Toronto Central last week, and will be at North Bay in just over two weeks!

I think there are only two active teams in Ottawa this year, us and 4783. Hoping for a comeback from the others that have run in the past!