Buying the FRC kit out of season

Hey there, does anyone know where and if you can buy the FRC kit outside the FRC season. Also can you buy it if you aren’t on a team (I am though)? I would appreciate a website I could go to. I went to and all I could find was the extra parts. Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:
(off topic good luck to all teams this year)

Do you mean the Kit of Parts? As far as I know, the Kit of Parts is not available for purchase outside the FIRST season, but you can buy many of the parts from IFI or trade with other teams for the other parts in the kit.

But you can always call FIRST to find out first hand.

Yes I meant the KOP. YOu can’t find it either okay. I think I will give them a call.
Maybe they aren’t because they don’t want FIRSTers to cheat.:confused:

It’s not about cheating, since they wouldn’t ship you the parts for next-year’s game anyways.

The problem is that the parts in the KOP are mostly donated to FIRST, and they don’t have a huge overstock.

Donated, eh? :wink: Guess I’ll have to look for their donors.:yikes: Never thought about it that way.:slight_smile:

I believe that they only make enough KOPs for the number of teams. FIRST then replaces missing parts. For this reason, there aren’t many kits left over. However, sometimes there are rare instances where teams return their kits. I know of one team from WI that had to do so this year. Your best option would be to contact FIRST directly or post something in the Q&A section.