Buying Victors

Hi guys,

Having bad experiences with the Jaguars, my team has decided to move on with Victors.

So when I went to the vex pro site for getting some victors, I saw three different types of victors. Victor 883, Victor 884, and Victor 885.

The difference seems to be the Continuous current. However, we don’t know what this means.

Can anyone please help us? What model would be the best pick and why?

Victor 884s have been the only FRC-legal Victors for many years.

I don’t know what the future holds, but this year for FRC you could use the 884


The only power regulating devices for actuators permitted on 2012 FRC Robots include:

Jaguar motor controller (PNs MDL-BDC and MDL-BDC24),
Victor motor controller (PN FR-VIC884)
VEX motor controller (PN 276-2193)
Spike Relay module (PN SPIKE-RELAY-H)

On the VexPro order page you’ll see the notation “FIRST Legal” next to the one that can be used for FRC.

Thanks a lot guys!

I couldn’t see that because the victors were out of stock! LOL

We lost both of our 2012 jag’s this year. Both would give us a flashing red light as soon as we tried to run a motor. Power cycling them was the only way to get the red light to go away. Then as soon as we moved the joystick away from center they went into fail mode again.
We are going to give them a good cleaning and try them again one more time, but more than likely they are toast. I think Victors are going to be in our future again soon.

Could try to get them here.
I would think these are legal as they are Victor 884.

Yes, Robotshop is an authorized distributor for VEX Robotics and that is the same Victor that we sell on our website that is FIRST legal.

I thought I’d bring up something of note.

This last weekend at Troy, I noticed Thunder Chickens were using jags (for the can-bus functionality I imagine), but they hadn’t removed the dust-stickers on a number of them.

I asked Paul, and he said that they were far more worried about the jags dieing to metal swarf than they were about over heating. :ahh:

Just something to think about for you jag-users out there.

We still use victors because of their smaller footprint and their near indestructibility.

Yes… This year, our entire drive system failed because of the jaguars shorting out… By the time we fixed it, it was just too late.

No more JAGUARS for us… (at least not for the drive)