BUZZ Robotics Team 175 Animation Entry

Well now that I am packing for tomorrow’s flight to Orlando, I thought it was about time to post our animation entry for this year. OK, I just got around to re-render it with something other than cinepak – used Sorenson 3 to make this 20MB MPEG file. Only did 320x240 so file size would not get extreme.

Our theme will become more undestandable when you come talk to us in Florida. Ask for me, Stu, or my student animators, Kate, Matt and Ryan. As always just look for the yellow Smiley face!

Happy travels.

Stu (SGK)

Well, it won’t let me download it at all. It goes for a little bit and then stops for a server error.

I was able to see it. I dont know if you fixed anything but it’s working.

Congrats Buzz on the Chairmans Award!