BXD: Synthesis

Hello Chief Delphi! We, the BXD team, are excited to announce that Synthesis is now available! The newest version of Synthesis is on our website and ready to be downloaded. In the updated version of the product, a new launcher was added, the UI was updated, a driver practice mode was added, and many other changes were included! We are excited to see how you guys react to the new release!
In addition, our new promotional video is now uploaded to YouTube! https://youtu.be/nvc8LZIhwzc Our video showcases some of the new features, the different parts of exporting the robot and field, and other shots of interns and the office. The video is also accessible to watch on our website!

Wow! I didn’t think synthesis could get any better, but I was apparently completely wrong! It’ll be awesome to act be able to handle game pieces a little more than in the last version too.

P.S. Love the music choice :smiley:

Agreed! We are excited about the changes we were able to make!

Yes, we thought the music was awesome too. :slight_smile:

Is there any chance that the robot files for some of the robots in the promotional video will be released as well.