Bye Bye vinyl !

Ok forget the light activated glow in the dark vinyl stripes I wanted to put on my car, that retroreflective tape will work alot better!!! lol

Look at this, notice how much it shines when a flash bulb from a camera hits it in a low light situation.


is that the way they look when you look at them… wearent using ours so I havent bothered looking at them

No they dont look like that while they just sit there…

I can explain this picture cuz it was taken in my teams shop at the Kokomo Kickoff…

The reason it is like that is because someone used a flash when they took that pic…and the reason the picture is dark is that sometimes digital cameras have a hard time getting non-dark pictures (especially if a flash is used)…I think it has to do with the “funky” lights that are on the ceiling.


my friends parents went up and they took pics and the same thing- without the flash

… Did you get your shipped to teams stuff?

  • Katie

When did you get your tape? We don’t have it or our light yet.:frowning:
In fact, I think we have forgetten about the light…:eek: