C 18 2.4 compiler

We lost the C 18 v 2.4 compiler. is there any way that any of you guys can get me a copy? FTP? SSH? Email? AIM direct connect?

The compiler can’t legally be redistributed. If you can’t find it you will probably need to order a new CD from IFI.

Not legally.
A copy came on the MPLAB CD in the KOP this year. Have you lost that too?

If you have the 2.2 compiler, there was an upgrade package released to FIRST teams on a website. That may be legal to redistribute to FIRST teams, considering it was from a website and not on media. I’ll check the licensing agreement if you PM me.

You mean the link they gave us during last years kickoff? Nope, you can’t redistribute that. I remember them asking us a couple times not to.

Grab the free version from the Microchip website, it only runs optimazation for 60 days, but that should see you through the program.