C++ A* Path Planning

A fellow student has converted my A* path planning program, that was originally in Matlab, to c++.

The code can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mfar4v75iogkk39/AADx5MrczM1PXt9Q1N7PUkiTa


+1 for using CMake.

What does this guy do? Do you have any documentation available?

Is this just for demonstration or would he like feedback on it?

He just finished his freshman year of high school. And documentation on how to it or just a* in general?

This was our version of releasing code so we can use it during the build season next year. We are combining a lot of code we have published in an attempt to make a robot be able to move from point a to point b on a field avoiding obstacles (like other robots)

Are you going to merge this with your depth-testing program, so you can use the Kinect to make your robot capable of navigating by itself?

That and 254s spline generator and path follower.