C++ API = Holy Crap

I can’t find **** in that PDF… Why can’t they format it like the Java API? Dang, its so hard to find something in it, PDF are the worst ways to put an API. Isn’t there a clean organized one like all the other professional libraries?

Have you tried the doxygen documentation? It is more similar to the Java API.

However, if you really think it is terrible I would encourage you to become involved and help fix the problem.

Really I can do that? I thought it was just the official FIRST people’s job

Someone smarter than me will have to confirm that.

Barring that, simply produce it and make it available, whether it is official or not probably won’t matter to most people. Remember, CD isn’t “official” either.

I don’t have enough time for that, I have to make up the most efficient way to use sensors and what not… Football practice will be like 3-4 hours everyday in the summer too, that won’t help

Then I guess you will have to make due with what you have then. What makes you think other people have the time to meet your demands if you can’t make time for it?

EDIT: Oh yeah, or you could just use the search function in your PDF reader.

Agreed. Perhaps you (the OP) should try looking beyond your nose for the documentation. Or perhaps just open each header/source file as you’re looking through it – its quite well commented.

Or if you’ve looked through your Wind River distribution, perhaps you would have noticed the nice Windows Help file (generated by Doxygen, of course) living at C:\windriver\docs\extensions .

Or, maybe you could google some obvious search term. Lets say, “wpilib online documentation”. First hit references my CD post on posting the Doxygen output to my website: Main Page . Or how about another obvious search term, “wpilib doxygen”. Look at that, another reference.

Maybe you’d argue those search terms suck. Very well, how about “wpilib searchable documentation”? Oh look, there’s more links to the doxygen output (though, its not the first one this time).

The problem is I dont have the actual files in front of me, just got the docs

In [agile] software engineering world, working software is valued a lot higher than comprehensive documentation.

If you really need to see the .h files, download the latest workbench updater, rename it to a .zip, and then extract it. The headers will be in vxworks-6.3/target/h/WPILib. If you need the source files for some reason they have to be downloaded from FIRSTForge through svn