Hey does any one have the C-Base that they made from the ground up. that i can edit.

This isn’t really from the ground up, but the AndyMark step file is what we are using in the TechnoKats. You can edit it and use it in Inventor, Solid Works, and any other application that has .stp support.
Go to that page and scroll down almost all the way and you can see that there are two files to choose from, the long and the wide base. Make sure to right-click save as. Also if you want this to make your own variation, I would just copy one of the long c-channels then cut it down as the entire base is made from 4 parts (without the gearbox or wheels).

i have that b ut i can edit the part.

The quick and dirty way (but probably not the “right” way) to cut the rails from the .stp down is to sketch a rectangle bigger than the C-channel over the area you want to cut off, then extrude-cut it through the whole part.

The Cbase is over on Content central at solidworks. You have to register to download it, but it contains all of the base parts, c channel, corners, bolts, wheels, motor mounts maybe more.
We just took it apart so we could use the parts to make it fit our design. It works well.


This is the link to the andymark short C channel


You can insert a cut feature to remove the material you dont want. Remember what side you are cutting because the holes are not symmetric on the front face.

You can also edit the first feature sketch, but the sketch is fixed - so delete the relations and then add dimensions.

Let me know if you need help. Marie

New C-channel Model on 3D Content Central: