[C++] CAN cRio image problem

After updating all of the jaguars and the cRio with the black firmware option, our cRio freezes right after it displays that it loaded the Black Jaguar program (and says it was built from SVN revison 60). In order to do anything else I have to change the configuration in Safe Mode. Once I take off the black jaguar option the cRio works fine.

I know all of my jaguars are updated and working since they all work in BDC-COMM.

Can you verify that you have the cRIO Image v25 installed?

I’ve seen this symptom when using the Black Jaguar plugin and I forgot to disable the console out dip switch on the cRIO. Could this be the problem?

Where does it display this?

Good point. The console output goes to the same port as the messages intended for the Black Jaguar serial-to-CAN conversion.

Were you guys able to verify that this was happening to you?