C Code for Woodland CyberCavs 2019 Robot, Nagini

You can download our programming code from github as found here. There’s lots of lidar, and arm kinematic coding available for anyone who’s interested.


How did the lidar work for you guys? Was it beneficial in lowering cycle times?

Lidar was really interesting and we got pretty close to using it to pinpoint our location on the field. However, Lidar scans at about 10hz so you’re looking at a lag time that is very challenging any time your robot is moving fairly quickly or turning. It’s possible to do some complex predictive programming to compensate for the lag but it’s not easy and can lead to significant inaccuracies. Lidar doesn’t work with clear polycarbonate and, surprisingly enough, gives very inconsistent readings when you aim it at aluminum checkerplate. There are probably some specific cases where Lidar could be really helpful in a game but the near real-time responses you can get from cameras like a limelight will do a much better job at getting your robot pointed in the right direction.

Why did you guys have a lidar on your robot?

We had great success with LIDAR in 2018, winning the autonomous award at World’s in that year because of our amazing LIDAR-powered autonomous. We figured we would try it again in 2019 to scan for cargo, which did work, but not to near the same calibre as the year before.

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