C++ Declaration Issue

We’re using GRIP for image processing.

  auto contours = myGripPipeline.GetFilterContoursOutput();

  auto inst = nt::NetworkTableInstance::GetDefault();
  auto table = inst.GetTable("datatable");
  xEntry = table->GetEntry("centerX");

  std::vector<cv::Point> centers;

  for (int i = 0; i < contours.size(); i++) {
      cv::Rect r = cv::boundingRect(contours);
      int centerX = r.x + r.width / 2;
      int centerY = r.y + r.height / 2;
      centers.push_back(cv::Point(centerX, centerY));

When I run the above code (in RobotInit()), it gives me the following error:

'myGripPipeline' has not been declared
   auto contours = myGripPipeline::GetFilterContoursOutput();

I’ve tried other stuff, but it hasn’t worked. Sometimes, it mentions that the scope is an issue. I’m pretty new to this, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the solution was blindingly simple. Thanks.

Did you run the generate code step?

Did you include the .h file at the top of this file?

I haven’t used Grip, but generally with libraries you’ll need to first set up the object, which might look something like this in your setup:

GRIP myGripPipeline;

maybe it’s not “GRIP”, but make it whatever the library calls the object type