C++ Deploy Will Not Show

I’ve been working with eclipse in linux and have had no problems with it up till a few days ago. Now, it no longer lets me deploy code in C++. Instead the options under run is Deploy Java which is not helpful. Does anybody know how to change it back to deploy C++?

I assume you have restarted Eclipse, probably multiple times by now.

Try right clicking on the project and selecting “Close unrelated projects”. That has worked some magic for us sometimes. If all else fails, you may have to make a new project and then paste or copy your code into the new project.

It certainly sounds like the plugin is no longer working. I would suggest that you re-install the plugin. Possibly it got corrupted for some odd reason.

Could you possibly be in the wrong view/perspective/whatever it is they call it?

There’s actually a way to wirelessly deploy C++ code from Eclipse, if you go into the settings (or maybe help menu) there should be a setting named “Add software” or something like that. If you add the software WPI made (I can’t remember the exact URL, but if you do some searching in chief dephi it will be there - that’s where we found it) then you can hit file and there’s a button named RUN AS, and then you press WPILIB, the code will deploy wirelessly. If you can find that software, I suggest using it - WAY faster than tether deploying.