C++ Deploying Macintosh

Hello CD,

My team members and I really want to switch to C++ from Java. Currently, we use Java with Netbeans. We would prefer to use Xcode to write and compile, and even deploy our code to the cRIO if possible. Is there a way to do this?
Or is there a different application we need to use? Can someone please post instructions or other applications that they have used for something like this?

Thank you very much! We are really in need for this help! :]

You’re going to have some problems with compiling C++ on a mac because the compiler supported by FIRST doesn’t work on anything except for windows. You can try to run it under wine and make your own toolchain, but that’s not really a permanent solution. An experimental port of GCC has now been pulled into GCC’s mainline, and compiling it for powerpc-wrs-vxworks with osx as the host does work (I’ve tested it). As a side note, you should use GNU gcc to compile the cross-compiler instead of Apple’s favorite LLVM gcc. Instructions on how to download and install GCC for cross-compiling for vxworks/powerpc can be found here (1).

(1) http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=109385

I would recommend to just bite the bullet and try WindRiver on Windows and avoid the hassle (messing with the gcc tool chain is a pain…)

If you are already making a switch from Java to C++, you might as well add WindRiver to your skill set.

And anyways, WindRiver is based off Eclipse which is a multiplatform, multi language (Java, C++, others) that is used extensively in the business world. It has all modern features you would expect from XCode or VS.

Maybe I’m missing something, but can you add Eclipse plugins in WindRiver? I’ve never used WindRiver before, but I use Eclipse quite a bit. For whatever reason, I wasn’t ever able to add external plugins. :confused:

You can also use UCPP https://github.com/tombot/ucpp

Integration with xCode could be achieved by adding a custom build step. Personally, I just ran it from the command line.

Im not familiar with Xcode, but as for deploying the code, you could easily write an ftp script, just a batch script .bat file even to automatically send your code to the robots ftp server.

I know you just move the .suite file to the rio in java, Id imagine it cant be too different for C++