C++ help downloading a program to the crio

Hi,considering the elite changes in this year software,In the paper that was sent to us in the kit of parts there are few steps to follow,first we upgraded the crio imaging tool to 2012 and the imaging was successful ,but when downloading a file we need to choose the proper kernal image to our crio(8 or 4 slot) my question is how to do so?

I believe your referring to this screen:
I put a square where you choose the file.
There is an cRIOFRCII_vxWorks and a cRIOFRC_vxWorks.

I believe u got me right ,but there is no screen image ,could u help me with that…

You can’t see the screen shot?

Actually I just noticed your in ISRAEL. Can you give me your IP? We have most international IPs blocked on that server.

Ok can you help me open “target connection” window??i can take it from there…

I didnt realize you can attach to these posts.
I attached the picture.

We managed to download it and works perfectly thank u for ur help,our problem was with placing the crio cards ,we placed the 9403 card in slot 6 instead of 2 ,although slot 6 is also compatible didnt get that …but anywho thanks for ur help!!