"C.N.C." lyrics

so, i’ve got a bit of spare time on my hands… :smiley:

*“T.N.T.” is owned by AC/DC and this is made for fun, not profit. please don’t sue me :stuck_out_tongue:

standing ovation

wow will… are you really THAT bored??? i mean i know we finished all the project preparations but to come up with a song is something new… not bad tho, kinda funny


well, :stuck_out_tongue:

what tune is your song to?

it’s supposed to be a parody of “T.N.T.” by AC/DC

Will - this is awesome. Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers has band practice in a couple of weeks. Could they “borrow” these lyrics? I can’t promise that they will use them, but it may work out that they might… if you approve.

(send me an email if you would like to work on lyrics for other DSK songs)


thank you :slight_smile:

i think the better question is if AC/DC approves. idk, you guys got the Back in Black tour for '07(i still want one of those shirts, btw) :wink:

recording please?


That reminds me of Hayseed Dixie
Listen to this (and I promise, no Rickroll!)


I understand (from a band that does parodies as their main topic) that there has been a Supreme Court ruling, about 10 years ago, saying that parodies are a fair use of the original, no permission or royalties needed.

You did a fantastic job with this song. It’s not only supremely awesome, it also flows well with your new lyrics and sounds really good!

if i ever get time to learn to play it well on guitar, sure!

ok, i need to look into the whole fuss over “Amish Paradise” then

thanks! :slight_smile:

There were no legal proceedings at all with that case. Weird Al as a courtesy always asks before making parodies, and he thought he got permission directly from Coolio, when apparently he did not. It was purely a “disgruntled” manner.

Parodies have long been protected under US copyright law’s fair use doctrine.