C++ Referencing: Commands/Drivewithjoystick

After attending the Arkansas area kickoff, we put together our bot and cobbled together some programming. We are now trying to work with Robot Builder. I swear, it would be easier to code this stuff from all of the errors we are getting from the RB code. First off, we have a referencing error:
“Commands/Drivewithjoysticks.h” no such file or directory.
Because of this, we cannot reference our default command.

Please help us. I do not have access to the code right now, but I’ll post next meeting. I was just wondering if this has been an issue before, or if anybody has any general tips about Robot Builder. :]

Do a search on Robot Builder and you will see some of the problems teams have encountered.

Start here:


And update to the latest workbench release.


It’s tough to debug syntax and referencing errors without seeing the project. If you want to post it to a public repo or zip it up and send to me, I’d be happy to help.
PM me if you don’t have my email address from kickoff.