C-Rio bust

Hi all. We are in the middle of the build and i was deploying some code, when all of a sudden, i see “Lost connection”… and i checked the power light on the C-Rio and it was not on. We checked all the connections and everything checked the voltage is 24V but… no power on the C-Rio. We found out that our 2 amp in the C-Rio bust. … NO!!!

location of our school:
1675 Martin Grove road
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9V 3S3

please help if any nearby team has an extra C-Rio. Please call ASAP this number: 647 244 3884
or schools number: 416 394 7570 and ask for Mr.Collins
Or Chinmay Amin(me)

Call NI at (866) 511-6285 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time for cRIO repair.

They are very nice and will get it fixed for you really quickly.

We called NI and they said that they shipped a new C-Rio and will get here by Monday. But that is simply too long away. Till monday if any teams nearby has a spare C-Rio just for a few days we can get some testing going it would be great :slight_smile:

I have to extend a big THANK YOU to Team188.

They are loaning us a cRIO and even bringing it to us today.:slight_smile: :yikes:

THANK you Team 188

BTW, our fuse was blown last year too. What we did was soldering a temporary external 2A fuse in parallel to the blown fuse while waiting for NI to ship us a replacement. In fact, in anticipating this might happen again, I bought a resettable 2A external fuse and threw that into my tool box. If we ever need it, it’s there.