C-Shape Shooter Wheel type? Need some guidance from some old Pro's

We have been playing around with wheel size for our C shooter prototype. There are a lot variables (RPM, compression of ball, angle of launch, etc…) that apply to this question , so I know it’s not a straight forward answer but i’m going to ask it anyways and accept the beat downs :slight_smile:

What’s the better wheel choice for a c- shape shooter running off a mini CIM between 3-5k rpm (wheel choice below is based on what we have on hand FYI)

  1. 8" pneumatic (have 4 on hand)
  2. 6" AndyMark KOP drive wheels (tons available)
  3. 3.5" VEX Colson performance wheel (got 2)
  4. ___________________________(insert your best recommendation here)

Any suggestions, thoughts, and merciless criticism would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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If possible making a prototype of an Arc-Shooter with each wheel and testing it out yourself can provide great info and experience.
colsons are great because they last forever and have great grip. pnuematic tires are typically used when you need to add compression to your shooter and cant compress the ball or add a compressible hood. I cant say much about the KOP wheels other than they tend to pick up residue and change how grippy they are.
I think your best bet would be using the colson wheels and make the ball contact your shooter wheel as long as possible so you can transfer more energy into the ball. a lot of people post prototype videos and build blogs as well so you can look to those for some inspiration as well.


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