c13 ?

I was starting with the OI and did every thing right, i thought anyways, when the OI had c13 come on instead of c40 can anyone tell me what is wrong?

Channel 13 instead of channel 40. The four dip switches together (not the team number ones, the other block) are probably set to 13 instead of 40. I don’t think anything is wrong, as long as the robot still responds.

It’s a little quirk of the OI from days when the team numbers weren’t so high. Whenever the highest bit is set, then the channel control dips are active.

You can use whatever channel you like. When it is first turned on the robot controller will search all channels for an OI broadcast with your team number, then lock onto that channel until it is powered down.

For directions on setting the channel see page 16 of the OI Guide: http://www.ifirobotics.com/docs/oi-ref-guide-5-8-07.pdf