CA and WFA must be submitted to same regional!

Note this Q&A:
Q: Can you submit the Chairman’s Award and Woodie Flowers award submissions at different regionals? How do you do this on
A: No, teams may only submit at one regional event at which the team will compete. Please refer to sections and 9.4.6 of the 2005 FRC Manual.

So if your team is planning to submit both a Chairman’s Award entry and a Woodie Flowers Award entry, they must be made to the same Regional.

I think someone should ask again, with modified wording, due to the possible misinterpretation of this ruling–it could have been construed to mean “can a team submit the Chaiman’s Award submissions at different regionals, and can a team submit the Woody Flowers Award submissions at different regionals”, to which the response ought to be “no”. On the other hand, if the intended question was “can a team submit the Chairman’s award submission at one regional, and then, at another regional, submit the Woody Flowers award submission”, the response might have been different.

Also, if you don’t feel that that can be expressed in a Q&A-length post, or will simply be answered as “see <QA#>”, you could e-mail [email protected] with the revised question.

Please ask again with modified wording. I’m checking with a few people as well.

I have talked to the people in charge of these awards at FIRST and admins for the website and they confirmed that teams are only able to submit both CA and WFA to the SAME regional, el-competition-o, etc. The website award is still eligible at all regionals, but the CA and WFA is not.

Thanks David … there’s your answer folks.

Yes, the website does not allow you to submit the CA to a regional of your choosing that you will be competing at, and the WFA to a different regional that you will be competing at. I’m sure that’s what prompted the Q&A in the first place.

But I am curious as to why you can’t?

Also, wouldn’t FIRST be reluctant to give WFA to the mentor of the CA winning team?

Not necessarily.

The WFA is judged by the previous Championship WFA winners and somewhat independent of the specific regional.

The Chairmans award is judged by the panel at the event based on the information submitted.

It could be common for both to come from the same team - because often the WFA mentor has helped the team in their Chairmans activities. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is correct that teams must submit their Chairman’s Award (CA) entries and the Woodie Flowers Award (WFA) entries at the same regional, during the same weekend.

FIRST requested this requirement, and we on the WFA Committee had no issue with it.

Andy B.


Adding to what Andy said… make sure you send the submissions over to Dean’s house with a 20 dollar bill, maybe 50 dollar bill would work better.


If a team is NOT submitting for the Woodie Flowers Award (WFA), and is ONLY submitting to the Chairman’s Award, is the team allowed to interview at multiple regionals after having uploaded ONE Chairman’s submission application via the web site at

Another way to ask the question, is “how” does a team that is competing in more than one regional decide WHICH regional to actually do the Chairman’s Award interview process (assumes that the online form has been filled-out PRIOR to ANY of the regionals)?

A team may only submit their Chairman’s Award entry to and interview at only ONE regional, regardless if they have not submitted a WFA entry. Choosing which one you submit to and interview at is a relative matter. You just have to decide which one, perhaps, you feel most confident in submitting it to and feel that you may possibly have less competition at. It may prove to be a difficult decision, but I assure you that there is no right or wrong solution as to which one you choose (but you can only choose ONE). Godd luck!

When you go to, it will display a list of regionals that you are registered to compete with the robot at. You must choose one of those regional events to submit your online CA entry to. (If you are registered for only one regional, then you can only submit to that one regional). The judges for the CA at that regional will be reviewing your team’s Yearbook entry (be sure to complete that soon on TIMS), your CA Executive Summary and your CA online submission prior to the regional. You will be assigned an interview time - check with the registration desk upon arrival on Thursday morning. You will not know who else at the regional has chosen to submit a CA entry. Unlike the Website competition, where you can view other team’s sites online, or the Animation competition, where you are shown the animations at the regional, the CA submissions have not been made public in years past.

Some people feel you should submit to your “local” regional, others look at it more strategically to see which teams that might be worthy of winning a CA are competing at what regionals before making the decision.

Thank you all for your responses.

We’re attending more than one regional. As a rookie team, we do not have to submit a CA, but it seems somewhat stupid to NOT submit.

That said, then we do have to choose WHICH regional we want to interview at. I’ve got more than one to choose from via our login at

I’m also assuming that some of the other “softer” awards could be won at one or more regional by the “walk-around” judges.

I also posted in this same forum some questions about the actual interview logistics, so if y’all can add value, please respond to that other posting. We don’t yet “see the light” of what occurs at a a regional…

There have been lots of questions in the last few days about how regionals work as well as the judging process. Those of us who are veterans take a lot of this info for granted since we know how the regionals typically work. I put together a white paper a little while ago that goes through a typical competition schedule and what to expect. It has some of the judging info on there as well. You can download it here. I hope it helps some.