CA Bay Area - Selling Razer Blade 14" Laptop $300 - 7th Gen i7, GTX1060 Graphics, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

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I’m selling my old laptop for $300.00 with the following specs:

Model: Razer Blade 14” (2017)

Processor: Intel Core i7-7700HQ

RAM: 16 GB (Soldered On)

Storage: 256 GB NVME SSD (User Replaceable, NVME M.2 only/No M.2 SATA Support)

I am selling the laptop without warranty or “as-is,” hence the seemingly low price. I would prefer the buyer to pick-up at a public location near my office in Mountain View, CA. The battery and SSD wear (via HWiNFO64) is as follows:

 [General Properties]
  Device Name:                            Blade
  Manufacturer Name:                      Razer
  Serial Number:                          CNB1BETTY477604406
  Unique ID:                              CNB1BETTY477604406RazerBlade
  Chemistry:                              Lithium Ion
  Designed Capacity:                      70224 mWh
  Full Charged Capacity:                  63464 mWh
  Wear Level:                             9.6 %
 [Current Power Status]
  Power Status:                           Discharging On AC Power
  Current Capacity:                       62164 mWh (98.0 %)
  Current Voltage:                        12.798 V

SAMSUNG MZVLB256HAHQ-00000 ------------------------------------------------

 [General Information]
  Drive Controller:                       NVMe (PCIe 4x 8.0 GT/s)
  Host Controller:                        Samsung NVMe PCIe SSD Controller
  Drive Model:                            SAMSUNG MZVLB256HAHQ-00000
  Drive Serial Number:                    S444NX0KA31176
  Drive Firmware Revision:                EXD7201Q
  NVMe Version Supported:                 v1.2
  Drive Capacity:                         244,198 MBytes (256 GB)
  Drive Capacity [MB]:                    244198
  Volatile Write Cache:                   Present
  Compare Command:                        Supported
  Write Uncorrectable Command:            Supported
  Dataset Management:                     Supported
  Write Zeroes:                           Supported
  Save field set to a non-zero value:     Supported
  Reservations:                           Not Supported
  Timestamp:                              Not Supported
  Autonomous Power State Transitions:     Supported
 [Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)]
  Available Space Below Threshold:        OK
  Temperature Exceeded Critical Threshold: OK
  Device Reliablity Degraded:             OK
  Media In Read Only Mode:                OK
  Volatile Memory Backup Device Failed:   OK
  Drive Temperature:                      25 °C
  Warning Temperature Threshold:          81 °C
  Critical Temperature Threshold:         82 °C
  Time Above Warning Temperature Threshold: 0 minutes
  Time Above Critical Temperature Threshold: 0 minutes
  Spare Capacity Available:               100%
  Device Health:                          99%
  Power Cycles:                           1052
  Power On Hours:                         825 hours
  Unsafe Shutdowns:                       27
  Media Errors:                           0
  Total Host Reads:                       4680 GBytes
  Total Host Writes:                      4882 GBytes

Additional Photos:


How was this laptop used?

It was heavily used from 2018-2020, for CAD and gaming (including VR). I initially purchased it as a mobile workstation towards the end of college. Even when brand new, the battery life was not particularly amazing. I recall it lasted maybe 2 hours at best through lectures running “light” loads like Chrome, Office, etc.

It was last used as a heavy, over-powered Chromebook by my partner. We’re getting rid of it partially because it’s really not the right tool for that job.

Why are you selling it?

Funny story. I spent about ~25% of 2019 on business trips and was wanting more gaming performance while on the road. After returning from my last business trip in January 2020, I purchased a better gaming laptop for future business trips.

As you might have guessed, those future trips never happened, but now I have a better laptop.

Can you benchmark the laptop?

Franky, I’d rather not. Here are some resources to get a sense of gaming and CAD performance:

Notebook Check Benchmarks (includes games and specviewperf CAD benchmarks)

Gaming Benchmarks of a similar Laptop:

Why is there a silver blob on the bottom of the laptop?

That is a blob of cured PFI-722 silver nanoparticle conductive ink accidentally applied at my last undergrad research gig.

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