CA Districts?

Don’t have to worry about having 2 state CMP’s.

Honestly, I don’t understand why people with no stake in this have to butt in.

2/3 go to districts, locking out the remaining one from events even more than they already are.

Please think about the international teams tho

Do tell, which two? :confused:


We won’t know until it happens, that’s what makes it so fun!

I’m over here concerned that I’ll have to pay $60,000 a year for college because of out of state tuition. I hope they have some provision in the bill for universities to keep tuition fair.


lol like it’s gonna pass

I’m over here concerned that I’ll have to pay $60,000 for college.


+1 (tiny states :frowning: )

I’d assume they (new states) would all roll into the undergraduate exchange.

I don’t live in CA, but I still have a stake. Four more senators (and four more electoral college votes) from the soviet socialist republics of california can seriously screw up my personal economy.

Some personal observations:

My BSCS in 1978:
2 years Colorado out of state tuition $10000
1 year New York in-state Regents scholarship tuition $ 0
1 year NY out of state upper level out of state tuition $ 1600

First year salary , 1978, $16,800 (first 6 months), then $18,000. $24K by 1980.

Now, BSCS 2018
4 years Arizona State, in state tuition $43,168

First year BSCS salary, ~$60,000

Has the price really changed that much?


To we really have to bring partisan politics into it? It’s one thing to talk about the effect it would have on congress and the electoral college, another thing completely to say “Soviet socialist republics of California”. It’s pure partisan rhetoric, and doesn’t really belong.

I think that’s why he has all those red dots. That and attacking Chairman’s Award teams.

I thought those were indicating his battery life or signal strength or something.