CA regional thanks

Posted by Jason Morrella.

Coach on team #254, Cheesy Poofs, from Broadway High and NASA Ames/Cypress Semiconductor.

Posted on 4/3/2000 3:54 AM MST

Our team would like to thank Team #60 Ford/Kingman and #409 NASA/Oak Grove for being our partners in CA. We had a great time playing and strategizing with you - we made a great team.

#60 - we can’t wait to see ya in Orlando along with so many of the other teams we have become friends with in Houston & San Jose.
Teams #64, #364, & #437 in particular. Your teams are incredible and your robots are pretty great also. Thanks for being so great to our team - much of our positive experience this year is from working with your teams.

One last thing - The rookie class in San Jose was AMAZING. Those at the event know what I am talking about. The teams from Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Washinton, Arizona, and others were more organized, gracious, and friendly than even most of the veterans. Their excitement and friendliness was very heartwarming and inspiring. I would like to thank all those teams for again showing what FIRST is all about.