Cable Ideas?? Anyone?

Help Anyone!
I am looking for a neat and simple way to hook up the dig I/O’s on the '04 board to the dig I/O’s on the '05 board (dont ask unless you REALLY wanto to know) so i was thinking i could use a ribbon cable with a connector 3 X 16 on the ends, well… thats impossable to find… so then i started to look for Female to Female PWM cable… well once again… thats impossable to find too…

So ANYONE, do you have any ideas of how to do this?..(without using 48 little cables to compleate the job)

Team 698

Well, since one row is always 5v and one row is always ground that simplifies it because you don’t need to connect 16 grounds to each other. I think that you should just be able to take the signal row which is 1 x 16 connecters. A ribbon cable and connector would be much easier in that size. or maybe a 2 x 16 with the extra row not connected?

That is a good idea and do have a point there!