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We find ourselves needing to cable a Falcon500 at the end of a horizontal arm about 6 feet long. Need 2 wire power conductor, can wire and one pwm style 3 wire.

Looked at the normal Igus energy chain style wire carriers but the length is a problem. Has anyone found any other solutions to this situation? I have found some coiled solutions to the power wire but no coiled can wire.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

If the length is the only problem with the Igus stye that can be changed. If you need it to be longer you can pop off the end piece and add some more from another. If you need it to be shorter you can remove some of the links.

You show how to do my preferred solution if this is what OP really meant.

Otherwise there is plenty of coiled cable. This Ethernet cable has twice what is needed for out and back but I’d probably try for a coiled single pair and put the terminator resistor on the end.

This is what we’ve done in the past with tall elevators. In 2018 we used a cable like you linked inside of a larger coiled cable.

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Strain. Relief.

Strain. Relief.



Strain relief?I prefer to have the motor unplug itself when overextended. Makes the penalty much more severe.

On a serious note, is it just a static arm or telescoping? As others have said the igus stuff can be extended. If you just need a way to protect wiring on the extension you can use spiral wrap or braided sleeves.

The arm is telescoping in a more or less horizontal direction. So the Igus energy chain is a concern due to the weight of the extended chain causing sag and also it’s a lot of chain to compress back into the robot. Used Igus chain for climbers and other vertical applications but horizontal at this distance is a new frontier. Also, I need power, CAN and PWM (for sensor), so coiled ethernet is not going to work.

I am talking to a coiled cable manufacturer right now about them making a custom coiled can cable. They have off the shelf coiled power and pwm cables. The issue with can is the twisted pair nature of can.

Take a look at the wire spool that 125 did. If I’d have seen this a few weeks ago we’d have gone with this design vs. Igus track.
Behind the Bumpers | 125 NUTRONs | Charged Up Robot - YouTube

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